Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What if the Car was invented more Efficiently

But seriously what if the car was invented differently, what if we invented it in a more Eco friendly kind of way.  I mean but seriously how would be get any where, its probably most efficient way of traveling!  Does it have to be or is it just another way of living your life to fast.  Always traveling to the next spot, rushing, and for a majority of people it is like this.

With the population increasing and the higher demand for not just cars but also a lot of things.  Do you not think we are killing the only planet that we have.  The mother of what we eat and live on, the mother we should be taking care of rather than destroying.  Now I am not trying to come of as a tree huger, hippie, or whatever you want to label it.   More than less I trying to get people to say that we can think and create a better transportation, that is less of a problem and more of a solution.

I think trains are a huge upgrade, we could make them go right into towns all dropped off at one area or depending on the city a few more areas.  Then those people an walk to where ever they are working, maybe this would work or maybe it would be to much clutter.  The cost of it would be free, all the electricity will be powered by solar panels or wind.  I mean people this is Eco friendly and more efficient for the environment.

Yes now I totally understand that all the cars will never be gone, but if we keep thinking and doing like we are we are going to kill ourselves.  There is more probably behind this than I am currently talking about, yes we are being controlled by the oil companies.  They send people to kill the inventors of the electric cars, that were probably invented 30 years ago.  I am kind starting to just feel controlled, watched, it needs to stop.  To show the world that they don't control us and be the biggest impact would probably stop driving cars and putting fossil fuels in the air.

What better inventions do you think we could have?

Is there a better way of living than we do now?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Satire, does it make you laugh?

What my thoughts are on satire are, I think its a great way to reach out to the audience in a comedy type of way.  Instead of just being straight informational news, people have figured out how to reach to the people that are not interesting in listening to boring news.  I think Jon Stewart has a great way of using comedy in his news because people get it, they know when he is joking and when he is actually serious.

In this video, he starts out totally shitting on the company who brought him there.   They didn't think anything of it and kept on going with there routine that they were told to do that day.  Asking him questions, they were suppose to be in control but he kept on turning it around on them and being very persistent on why he was there.  He was there to shut down the company because they were basing there information on a comedy show and that's where they were getting most of there leads/facts from.

I watched this in class and I learned so much from it, the peoples reactions were so funny.  At first they were laughing at what Jon had to say and just going along with the show.  But what they didn't know and sooner found out was that he was dead serious.  He was totally showing Crossfire, the company who asked him to come on, how dumb they looked and what they were doing on there show was a complete joke.  The audience soon realized Jon's point and what he was trying to get at.  Those laughs soon became a supporting clap, they were totally agreeing on what he was saying.  Watch the link to the video, it is honestly so true and funny.

We had to do an assignment on satire, what someone was maybe complaining about or maybe something that was very popular.  My partner and I chose to do something on the polar plunge and how it was killing people because of it people to cold.  Maybe it was killing people but maybe people realized this another way to get out I don't know.  There were a few accidents that went around and unfortunately people have died because of this "challenge" and support/fundraiser for cancer.  Now I am not making fun of the deaths that have happened but just putting a little twist on the story itself.  Take a look here.

Overall I encourage satire, I laugh at it and maybe some people may not find it that funny.  Which is completely okay, but just give it a try. Like they say if you don't something, how do you know you don't like it.  Or at least that's what my mom says.  Peace out and have a great weekend everyone!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

What is your Reality?

The old style print may be fading quickly or maybe it may be opening peoples eyes and showing them that we are living in a much faster pace life style.  Good or bad, this I don't know but in my opinion we are living our lives to fast to slow down.  A majority of us are always running somewhere, always caring some kind of electronic device (cell phone) where we can easily accessing it right then and there.  Does news really mean anything or is it still something that you look forward to be doing on Sunday?

What danger is there when people can choose their sources and be exposed to only things that interest them?  Is there really danger from that?  I can't see one other than they might get so caught up into what there reading that they block everyone and everything else out.  Some of my interests are gardening so I do more research and look for things like that.  I don't look for news that involves, politics and boring stuff like that because it doesn't grab my attention.

I watched Anchorman 2 last night and yeah it was hilarious and what not but what I got out of it was, the news people can do whatever they want.  There "crew" in the movie did whatever they wanted to get ratings, broke like every rule in the book.  People loved what they were putting out there, we make these companies their money.

We have interest in what we are looking at it, its almost addicting.  Is twitter like a drug, or snap chat or vine.  People say they can live without it but can they really, if they can good for them.  It surrounds us like food, almost everywhere we go we see food but technology is creeping up fast.  By being on our phones a majority of our time and being on all the social networks and such, we are making them millions of dollars.  Like Facebook for example,  is worth more than I could even imagine, over 40 billion dollars.  Yeah granted there are games on the website that you can pay for but still wow.

I think this is our opportunity to open up our perspective on what news is, let us see what other people are thinking.  Don't just be focused on one persons writing, get different opinions on what your researching because you will soon become single minded and not truly understand the source.  I do think we are shying away from the "traditional ways," for everything there will be pros and cons to.  Just with the advancements of technology, there is more opportunity of  distraction, which makes are attention span shorter. Read some these articles just open your idea on how technology is helping or harming us.

Friday, April 25, 2014

News that's Important or Is there really important News?

Is all news really important and does it really matter to the people reading it.  I sometimes ask myself and wonder, does other peoples tweets really affect me or am I just reading them to do something.  I usually am just reading what people tweet, but when reading someone else's news.  This someone else is someone that you know and have interest in it or else you wouldn't be reading it all.

This leads me to important news, to me important news is news that is simply just important to me.  This is what a majority or what I am reading but I do sometimes think that there is news that is important for everyone to see.  Like for example, if we were going into war or going to be attack, like I would want to know something like this, so I have time to prepare.  But news like that plane gone missing, that is not going to affect, which makes me think, do we live in fear?  Since 9/11 we have all been shaken up and are now worried with the plane missing there might be another terrorist attack or something stupid.

That to me is Bad news because it is not relevant to me, it may affect other people but those people should not be living in fear.  Just live, don't let the news control your life because I think each news source will watch what you click on and see what your looking at.  Its almost as if your are being directed to what you should and should not read. (Controlled)

My thinking is we are a herd of cattle, we are controlled on what to do, our actions, what we eat, how we live, everyday by the government.  This is just how I see it, in my opinion I don't want to be like this and being watched on every movement I make.  I also don't want to be not relevant, by doing this I am probably not going to be surround by news.

I feel like news drives people crazy, or maybe it makes people thinking.  Thinking is a good thing but in some kind of messed up way I think the government is trying to keep us from doing this.  In the end everything revolves around money and therefore that's how we are working right now.  The only reason why we are being controlled is because we allow it.

What I have mainly learned these last 10 days is  news is still not relevant to me, I don't need it in my life, the celebrates, the plane crash, constant talk that is non important.  The news I do look at is farming, gardening, organic and Eco friendly environmental ways to live a green and clean life.  This would lead me to another blog conversation on how we don't a better life than we do now.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Before and After Page Design



          What I mainly learned about is how to InDesign, I have never used it before in past classes or in my free time.  It was very interesting, first we started out by copying a magazine page and seeing how close we could make them.  Mine turn out to be almost exactly the same because I found the exact same picture for the background.  I made the same text boxes and typed the same words.  Here I learned the basics of InDesign, the alignment, the text, what you should bold and should not.  

          What a person sees when there eyes first hit the page, and more in to detail on how to keep the readers attention.  We read from left to right and in my first attempt I split the story up with lines. This might have confused the reader by making them think there is a transition from one story to another.  Another thing I changed is the green circles in the background, they were just there for show and have no person.  The only time if you wanted to use those is if you wanted the reader to read that first.  

           Moving the bottom picture to the top really made sense, to grab your audiences attention you want to have something that looks interesting and is eye grabbing.  The theme was garden ideas and outdoors creations, so there for I went with greens and with a green, I added contrast by red.  Red is the opposite color of green on the color scale, this is adding contrast and reeling your audience in. 

Over all I learned a lot, although I didn't get into photo shop as much as I might have liked to, I feel like this source could be used in the future.  For posters or flyer's, I had a lot of fun with this project, the 40 min challenge was fun to see what other people in my class came up with.  Some people that have been using it for a while, came up with some really cool designs.  

Friday, February 28, 2014

How do You Choose with So many Options?

The choices that you make on the web, the certain things you click on are going to affect you search results. Other people are making choices on what you think you would like to read, certain authors, or websites that you visit etc.  What we get to see and what we don’t get to see, example two people search the word Egypt. Both people are given different search results, one gets traveling tickets to Egypt and the other gets news/factual information on what they have been searching in there previous results.  

People are making choices on the internet for you, giving information based on what you think you might want to see.  When you're on the internet, Google, yahoo Answers, Facebook, twitter, etc. are getting to know you, understand you, and try to relate to you.  Do you think they should be deciding for you or do you think you should be able to see what you want to see and what you don’t want to?  

I think you might be missing a lot of different facts and journalism out there, if what you search is not bringing you factual information. On the bright side I feel like it might help, if are constantly looking up news, on subjects that you want to read and see. Then the search results will be doing a good job by bring you good, new News for you to read, that you might miss because a majority of us are busy.

To may choices can make it hard for a person to decide but when you decide on something your believing in it. When you believe in something, your just agreeing to it, your not seeing the other possibilities. I truly believe there there is so many different new stories out there everyday, that how do you keep up with all of it. With the increase of technology, journalism is increasing like no other, different story's are being put out there. This relates back to what is true or not, what do you believe.

When you pick something, your never satisfied with that option you chose because theirs always that what if I chose the other one. The title of this gets me, "The power to Decide," you do have the power to decide what you want to read, how you read it on paper, screen, or here it mouth to mouth and believe the person sharing it with you.